5 Easy and Effective Tips to Getting More Wear Out of Your False Eyelashes

A set of false eyelashes is one of the best methods in adding extra flair, drama and glamour to any look! If you are looking into investing in a pair of high quality lashes, such as a TYPELUX lash, that are made to last and stand out, you’ll want to make sure that your purchase withstands several applications.

Here are a few easy tips to extend the usage out of your false eyelashes.

Take Them Off at the End of the Day

When you sleep, your false lashes could easily get damaged as you toss and turn in your bed. Make sure to, carefully, remove your false lashes at the end of each day (or whenever you are done with them for the day), and store them in the original packaging. This could be a bit time consuming of a task to complete, but it will for sure keep your false lashes from gathering any unwanted debris (such as dust) and help ensure it keeps its shape.

Use a Remover to Take Them Off

Try to always use makeup removers to remove the eyelash glue before taking them off, do it gently. Even though it is a quick operation to just pull them off, this will potentially harm your false lashes (as well as your real ones)!

Select an oil-free remover to prevent damaging the lash strip. Don’t use tweezers to remove the false lashes, just use the tips of your fingertips to avoid compressing and damaging the eyelash hairs.

Buy Quality Lashes

It might be tempting to buy a cheap pair of lashes for a few dollars, but the cheap false lashes will wear out rapidly (also won’t look anywhere as good). The best solution is to invest in a great pair of lashes that will not only last you for a long period of time but will also look amazing at all times. At TYPELUX, we are proud to produce the world’s most luxurious and seductive lashes. Our lashes are designed to last for 25-30 uses, and we ensure all customers with the highest quality hand-crafted lash, regardless of style selected.

A cheap pair, in most cases, won’t even last for a sixth of what any TYPELUX lash can do. Even our direct competitors that produce lashes that are labeled high quality, in comparison to ours, won’t perform anywhere as good as a TYPELUX lash would (in terms of quality, application and usage). Regardless, one should invest in a quality pair of lashes since they will look more realistic, more aesthetically pleasing and you will be a lot more confident that your lashes will withstand multiple applications.

Avoid Using Mascara

Beauty bloggers, Social Media phenoms and even YouTube Gurus would tell you to apply mascara to your false lashes to, supposedly, blend them in with your actual lashes. In all honesty, this phase is an optional choice for anyone. Mascara is not a necessary step to go forward with if you have a quality pair of authentic and beautiful lashes. False lashes are already designed to be long and dark enough to the point where it is not necessary to apply mascara. Applying mascara can make false eyelashes grimy and cause them to wear out faster. If you are careful, you can apply mascara.

If mascara is needed, avoid waterproof mascaras. Even the best mascaras available on the market can often make false lashes clump up together and fall apart.

Clean and Comb Your Eyelashes

It is crucial to clean your eyelashes after every few uses, you can even do so after every use. This will help you remove any buildup from glue and/or eyeshadow that could make your false eyelashes look clumpy and heavier. Gently soak your lashes in lukewarm water and clean them with eye makeup remover and cotton Q-tip. Make sure to rinse the lashes thoroughly and gently comb them with an eyelash comb before even patting them out dry and storing them in their original containers.

It may seem like a really long and tedious task keeping your false lashes clean and looking at their best, but this effort will help you go a long way in keeping your false lashes looking new and beautiful at all times!