Go from Zero to Queen in just a few minutes with your favorite false eyelashes!

Getting ready in a hurry? We got you!

Have you ever woken up late for something important, like maybe your work, a date, a party or possibly your best friend’s wedding (or your own)? You would, without a doubt, feel a ton of pressure to cram everything in order to be as prepared as possible. The number one thing to address is the look that you’ll create for the occasion.

Fortunately, you can spice up your look with ease with just a simple application of false eyelashes and a little touch up of makeup! Instead of wasting an hour or 2, just to create a decent look you’re not proud of, why not try a simple look that will take just a few minutes?

Note: Applying false eyelashes, depending on experience, can take an average of about 10 minutes

How do you get a more dazzling look from your makeup routine?

The beauty of wearing false eyelashes is that, when wearing the perfect ones, they can essentially take the place of wearing a ton of makeup, in just a fraction of the time! Your time is valuable, so it is best to be as efficient as possible (you don’t want to keep your date waiting on your anniversary, just so that you can complete the perfect contour). Once you get a hang of applying your lashes, they can take less than 10 minutes to apply. Fortunately, all TYPELUX lashes are perfected by hand in order for you to have a more natural and seductive look.

Instead of having to go on a frenzy on perfecting your regimen of foundations, bronzer, blush, mascara, brows, primer, eyeshadow, contour, it can be nice to just do a little bit of work and have your lashes just do all the talking for you.

Here is an example of a simple everyday look by Malika Sedique (@beautybymalikas), our founder, that you can try out right now:

Finding the right pair for the right occasion

If you want to be the one to steal the show, you can do so with any of our lashes; you just need to pick the right lash that you feel is right for you! Our Venice’s are our signature lashes, they can create that extra bit of flare, drama, and seductiveness in no time! We currently have over 20 styles you can select from, mink and vegan selections, and each one of our styles has their own characteristics you will enjoy!

If you want the most luxurious and seductive lashes that give off a glamorous natural aesthetic feel, handcrafted and perfected from the finest mink hairs to perfection, select a lash from our signature Luxury 3D Mink collection, featuring our Venice, Rome, Geneva and Paris lashes!

If you want a seductive lash that is lighter, yet handcrafted from mink furs, try out one of our Deluxe Mink lashes (including our Versailles and Florence lashes).

For a push on vegan products, you will love our 3D Ultra Lux collection! They are produced by hand out of the finest synthetic materials that are designed to be non-allergen, high-quality, durable yet maintaining a full, seductive and natural look! Our Neilo, Feather, Aurora and Midnight lashes are for you!

If you want a lighter vegan lash, we have the perfect lashes for you! Our Ultra Lux collection, featuring our Kiss and soon to be debuted Dreamy and Diva lashes are amazing (both of which you can pre-order right now and be amongst the first to get them!)!

The love we put into our work shows in our customer’s reviews, almost every product that we have made is practically perfect and each customer is in love with each! Trust us when we say this, we have the perfect lashes for you and you will never find a lash that is comparable from anyone else. Just take a look at all of our lashes, you will be amazed!

False eyelashes highlight in a way that nothing else can.

Also, one of the most sought after yet overlooked benefit of wearing a falsie is that it grants your face a more youthful appearance. Many people connect falsies with the younger generations and have the notion that they should be completely off-limits—nothing could be further from reality. Many mature women struggle with their eyelashes thinning and many young girls struggle with boosting their confidence, applying a false eyelash to give a more natural look can make a huge difference for anyone (including yourself). False eyelashes allow for your eyes to open up more and brighten the face for a much more glamorous, energetic and seductive look.

Recommended styles

For a more voluminous mink lash that is both luxurious, full and seductive, we would recommend our signature Venice lashes. For a lighter mink lash, we definitely recommend the Versailles.

For a full 3D vegan lash that can easily steal the show, our Feather and Neilo lashes are amazing! For a light vegan lash, Kiss is absolutely stunning!

Most importantly, just have fun!

By just adding something simple like a false eyelash, you can easily add a lot more glam to your look! Just have fun with your routine and don’t be frustrated with your next look! The next time you want to add a bit of drama, volume or flare to make everyone go “wow,” just throw on your perfect TYPELUX lashes and enjoy the huge difference that they make for you!