Love volume? Love embracing your vegan side? Let's "fluff it up" with Feather Lashes

Voluminous lashes can certainly add that little bit of sexiness you're looking for when you are going out with your friends. If you are an individual who has a thing for big a big and natural volume for your lashes (while also going green with vegan lashes), we highly recommend our Feather lashes! 

Beauty masters, Joshua (@jtreidofficial) and Rhapsody (@artrhapsody) show you how it is done! Feather lashes are loved by everyone, whether you're supportive of non-animal products or not, as they're almost perfect and can enhance any look with ease! Just apply them, they'll change the game and make you want to fly!

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Joshua is rocking it with our famous vegan lashes, with a beautiful Rainbow contour!

Joshua Reid (@jtreidofficial)

Rhapsody is revealing how dramatic and how natural our signature vegan lashes appear when applied!

Rhapsody Artajo (@artrhapsody)