TYPELUX's mission on influencing and promoting self-expression!

Written by Katie Randall

The Influence of an Innovative Company

Innovation - the very process of creating and introducing a new item or design that revolutionizes an industry. An innovative company serves the purpose of producing a fresh product that triggers a feeling of comfort, confidence, ease, and satisfaction. In this instance, TYPELUX serves the purpose of producing a commodity in the beauty realm, something both useful and valuable to those looking to dip their feet in the world of makeup!

Influencing the Beauty Community - Be Yourself!

What type of influence does a company like TYPELUX have on the beauty community? TYPELUX encourages individuals to express themselves to the fullest extent, enunciating their own interpretation of outer glamor by acknowledging their own style and individuality! “Be who you are and emphasize your originality,” a message that resonates with every TYPELUX staff member, a message that the company lives by!

At TYPELUX, we also offer the opportunity for anyone to become a TYPELUX Ambassador! Just tag us in your posts using our lashes and be featured on our pages or even submit your application to become one of our official affiliates: Brand Affiliate/Ambassadors Form.

Influencing the Realm of Creativity

By offering a wide selection of false eyelashes, TYPELUX’s products appeal to each and every individual, providing a vast array of comfort and elegance for every eye shape, every look, and every event!

There are two essential concepts that every makeup-lover places a great deal of value on: originality and creativity! As an individual applies makeup to his or her face, an artist takes his or her place. The face becomes a canvas. The brushes, coated in the colorful representation of the individual, are at the artist’s disposal. The palettes lay facing upright on the counter, the frosty powder gleaming in the light of a bright smile, a smile that can only be formed when an artist is becoming one with who he or she is. An eager hand picks up a pair of lashes that accurately represents the artist’s individuality… and the painting is finished. False lashes are the icing on a well-decorated cake, the crown jewel to any look, adding the necessary flare needed to suit any style.

TYPELUX’s eyelash medley gives every person the opportunity to be an artist, to experiment with what works best and what feels best. TYPELUX is the influence that powers the realm of creativity, and its influence will leave an everlasting footprint on the world of beauty.