The ‘3D ULTRA LUX’ Collection 𑁋 Indulge in a Divine Collection of Heavenly Vegan Lashes!

By Katie Randall

Introducing the ‘3D ULTRA LUX’ Collection -- The Foundation for Beauty!

The best way to browse for a pair of false lashes that will suit your personality is to commence your search within a collection infused with glamour and grace!  The 3D Ultra Lux collection, to this date, consists of seven extravagant vegan styles: ‘Wink,’ ‘Summer,’ ‘Flame,’ ‘Feather,’ ‘Aurora,’ ‘Neilo,’ and ‘Midnight.’

Every pair of lashes in this collection is different in its own way, with each appealing to a multitude of makeup creations! These lashes call out to those who want to feel glamorous, serving their prominence with their high quality materials and handcrafted designs! By purchasing a pair of any one of these lashes, you are opening the door to the world of volume and enhancement. Whether you are a person that craves intensity or someone who prefers a subtle flare of radiance, these lashes will transform your makeup look into a spectacle of splendor! What makes each pair of the 3D Ultra Lux collection even more amazing is that each of them is the most voluminous vegan lashes on the market!

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The Individual Pairs of Lashes Themselves:

The ‘Wink’ Lashes

These lashes most definitely earn the title of ‘Most Alluring!’

These soft lashes add just a touch of seductiveness to any makeup look, polishing the eyes with their wispy strands.

This pair of lashes is extraordinarily comfortable to wear -- they are so lightweight, it is as if they are not even there!

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The ‘Summer’ Lashes

Nothing better defines the season of summer than these lashes!  The full dramatic effect of the ‘Summer’ lashes is the very highlight to every eye look!  Without a doubt, this pair of lashes earn the title of ‘Most Glamorous!’

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The ‘Flame’ Lashes

The glow that emits from these lashes is too gorgeous to ignore!  TYPELUX’s ‘Flame’ lashes are to die for, adding their own touch of pulchritude and magnificence.  Holding the title of ‘Most Elegant,’ these lashes are certainly a must-have!  

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The ‘Feather’ Lashes

These lashes and you go together like birds of a feather, a saying both common and correct!  No eye look is complete without these velvety lashes! This particular pair is quite simple and gentle, yet still provide just the right amount of glam!  These lashes clearly earn the title of ‘Finest Simplicity!’

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And don’t forget to check out the separate article on the ‘Aurora’ lashes here!

The ‘Neilo’ Lashes

The most exquisite, unique lashes on the market are TYPELUX’s ‘Neilo’ lashes!  This pair of lashes is silky at the touch and feels like a cloud on the eyes! The design is different, placing an emphasis on creativity and originality.  These lashes easily earn the title of ‘Most Unique!’

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And to conclude...

The ‘Midnight’ Lashes

These stunning lashes are thick in texture and provide the density needed to turn your lashes into the most voluminous ones around!  The quality of these lashes is divine, allowing the wearer to feel the power of high standard, A-grade materials. Take these lashes with you to any evening event and wow the crowd with your dazzling makeup look! These lashes continue to hold the title of ‘Most Intense!’

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