The Art of Beauty

Written by Katie Randall

A Company Message -- TYPELUX’s Interpretation of True Beauty:

The Definition of Beauty

Beauty... how would you define beauty? How much do you emphasize to others your interpretation of beauty? How would you even begin to define your interpretation of beauty?  

Is the word ‘beauty’ meaningful to you? Is the concept of beauty something you value?  

What is beauty? What does it mean to be beautiful? What does it mean to you?

To many, beauty shimmers and sparkles like silver stones on a cobblestone pavement drenched in the iridescent light of a full moon. To many, beauty blossoms and blooms like a cluster of begonia buds, buds that creep through the fragile curtains of coral and crimson with careful movements and clamoring curiosity. Beauty gleams like golden sunlight anxiously anticipating the moment when it can creep through the morning gloom. Inner beauty is a reflection of the creativity and originality in one’s soul, the kindness and passion in one’s heart; outer beauty is a reflection of that inner beauty.  

Beauty is a fire that cannot be extinguished; the radiance of one’s spirit is nothing something that can be diminished. An individual is beautiful with or without makeup, for both natural beauty and artistic beauty hold a great deal of prominence, especially in the minds of TYPELUX’s creators. As aforementioned, the expression of one’s confidence, of one’s creativity, and of one’s passion are what true beauty is composed of.  

What Makes You Beautiful: You

It is not the makeup itself that makes someone beautiful, it is the individual who makes the makeup beautiful. It is not the pair of false eyelashes that make an individual beautiful, it is the individual that makes the lashes beautiful. That is the message TYPELUX strives to uphold, the message that this company strives to encourage, and the inspirational energy that this company strives to emit.  It is important to the members of TYPELUX that these false eyelashes allow an individual to feel powerful, professional, luxurious, and flawless, but not only through the tangible product itself.  The confidence, the satisfaction, the positive emotions that an individual feels when wearing these lashes all derive from the imagination and artistry within -- TYPELUX’s lashes exemplify and materialize these inventive instincts.  

Always Remember

True beauty can only be defined by the originality, the creativity, the uniqueness, the love, and the passion that one conveys. True beauty is the absolute best representation of who an individual is. True beauty is candy to the eyes and a three-layer chocolate cake to the soul.  Both the artistic creations on one’s outer appearance and the beaming buoyancy at the core of one’s inner appearance are illuminating, like a soft smile would be, a soft smile given by a friendly face, a friendly face wearing the very false lashes that exemplify the strength, beauty, and confidence within.