The Efficiency Is In The Application

Written By Katie Randall

Introducing TYPELUX’s Exclusive False Eyelashes Applicator -- Apply Lashes with Ease!

It’s All About Strategy

“Eyes are the windows to the soul, and false eyelashes are the curtains that add a splash of style and splendor to those windows.”

These are the wise words of a philosopher… well, the wise unspoken words of a philosopher, for a philosopher has not yet said this, but honestly should!

After all, false eyelashes do accentuate the natural beauty of the eyes and compliment every makeup look imaginable… but what use is it to wear false eyelashes if they are applied with glue enlaced in the follicles and positioned in a crooked manner?!

Do not worry, for TYPELUX presents its incredibly innovative tool to assist in applying false eyelashes! This applicator is unlike any tool ever created -- its convenient and sturdy build allows for eyelashes to be applied with the utmost efficiency! The applicator’s strategic design helps to evenly distribute the individual lash, ensuring even precision, accentuating the bold flare of the lashes, and providing clean distribution to perfect any look!

TYPELUX’s main focus when constructing the false eyelashes applicator was to open up the door to simple application without a hassle. You will never have to fret about uneven distribution, you will never have to rely on your fingers alone to do the work for you, and you will never have to worry about the concentration of glue around your workspace — the sticky mess afterwards will be nothing more than a painful memory. Why not clean up the process of applying lashes with this handmade, high quality invention?

The Details of the Product

TYPELUX’s false eyelashes applicator is made from a luxurious, stainless steel material, dipped in a pool of glimmering rose-gold. The product is smooth and lightweight, allowing for comfort when applying! This product is easy to use, regardless of your level or experience with makeup! Priced at only $9.95, this applicator holds the answers to all of your unanswered questions regarding false eyelash application! A product seasoned with the essence of innovation and modern techniques, a product that can be purchased at an amazing value -- why disregard this phenomenal opportunity?

Unlike Any Other

You will never find another company with an eyelash product as innovative as ours! Factoring in the high quality and proficient standards of the materials utilized in the composition of the product, the affordable price point, the comfort and ease that derive from the product, and the gorgeous, handmade design, our flawless eyelash applicator is unlike any design seen on the market.

Obtain the most luxurious look and flaunt such bold, beautiful lashes easily by applying them with this quick and simple innovation! TYPELUX's false eyelashes applicator will become your best friend when in a rush, allowing you to get to where you need to be on time and look absolutely stunning!

This exquisite, one-of-a-kind product is guaranteed a must-have!

Why Wait For Disaster When You Can Prevent It Before It Begins

Many individuals tend to skip the reading of a product article, but if you’ve made it this far, I insist: purchase the false eyelash applicator today! Why wait until mishap when you can prevent disaster with one simple click of a button! An innovation with the purpose of simplifying the application process, an innovation designed from the finest materials, an innovation priced at an affordable amount -- I don’t know about you, but I only see a list of pros for this advanced and unique product!

To purchase this revolutionary invention, click here and spare yourself the pain of removing eyelash glue from your cuticles! The applicator is currently offered in an absolutely gorgeous rose gold color, made from the finest steel materials.