The Luxurious ‘Venice’ Lashes 𑁋 Treasure for a Goddess!

Written By Katie Randall

Introducing the ‘Venice’ Lashes -- A Splash of Splendor

When you watch the sun fade along the horizon, the pool of gold dripping into the crystallized glass of the ocean, the sensation that consumes you is equivalent to the sensation of wearing TYPELUX’s ‘Venice’ lashes! The very splash of splendor that these lashes provide is enough to make anyone swoon over an eye look! The beauty and elegance that radiates off of these luxurious lashes illuminate the face in great detail! The ‘Venice’ lashes complement all individuals of any face and eye shape, but are known for their prominence in bold looks!

Now, what exactly makes these lashes unique in comparison to the other beauties in TYPELUX’s Luxury 3D Mink collection? These lashes are fierce, adding a flare of grandiosity to any makeup creation -- these lashes emphasize the daring aspects of an individual and give one the power to shamelessly rock a vibrant, eye-catching look! The striking beauty of these lashes is something you do not want to take for granted! Take up the opportunity to purchase these lashes here!

What Types of Looks Will These Lashes Complement?

TYPELUX’s ‘Venice’ lashes will complement absolutely any look you can imagine! However, the most profound enhancements can best be emphasized when these lashes are paired with bold eyeshadow! Utilizing dark burgundies, navy blues, rustic mauves, deep purples, and smokey greys will provide a strong foundation for the lashes -- go big or go home!

Check out examples of these daring looks on TYPELUX’s Instagram page!

However, this should not hinder you from pairing the ‘Venice’ lashes with lighter eyeshadows as well! These lashes look absolutely stunning with metallic shimmers and rosy shades! Pair these lashes with your every day, casual makeup look or your evening look to add a flare of elegance and allow these lashes to accompany you to absolutely any event!

Why Choose ‘Venice?’

The quality of TYPELUX’s Luxury 3D Mink collection is unlike any other company’s quality, for any lash! There is a reason why these are the world's most luxurious and seductive lashes, and the lashes we are most famous for! These lashes are made from the finest mink materials, properly cleansed to industry standards, and handmade to perfection while implementing the most efficient and highest degree of labor practices in order to produce a lash you never want to take off! Not to mention, the price point is perfect! These lashes have been noted by many to last well over 30 usages (if handled with care); all of our competitors inflate their usage count and exaggerate the quality in order to simulate a "higher-quality" lash: in reality, this is never the case. Why spend a tremendous amount of money on lashes that cannot even come close to matching TYPELUX’s quality? Do not allow yourself to be robbed of your worth, only settle for the best! ‘Venice’ is the perfect lash for you!

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