Why pick us and our lashes? We'll show you why!

Written by Katie Randall

Why Choose a Company Like TYPELUX?

The most colossal mistake one could make is relying on a company that does not put its customers’ best interests at heart. The most resonating regret one could carry is the regret of trusting a company that does not hold truth to its words. When you stumble upon a monumental company like TYPELUX, one that has been founded on the highest principles of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, it is essential that you take up the opportunity of owning the most luxurious false lashes, produced by the most enterprising false lashes company in the world!

The Heart and Soul of the Company - Family!

TYPELUX is a family-owned, family-managed company with a strong motive to provide stylish, sensuous lashes for absolutely anyone! A family-owned company is the quintessential example of a secure and satisfactory business. Family-owned businesses ensure stability and form a long-term foundation. Both dedication and loyalty are exemplified immensely!

The heart and soul of the company revolves around family! Customers are valued as family. The sole purpose of TYPELUX is to make every customer feel absolutely stunning while expressing themselves in his or her favorite pair of lashes!

What Sets TYPELUX’s Lashes Apart From Any Other Brand - What About Quality?

What specifically differentiates TYPELUX’s lash quality from any other company? TYPELUX’s new and innovative lashes are hand-crafted, designed with high-quality, top-standard materials! The lashes are made from premium, all-natural components that are 100% sterilized! And the synthetic fibers used, featured in our world famous vegan lashes, are cruelty-free! TYPELUX offers the very best quality and the highest standards with lashes that are organic, luxurious, and beautiful!

What About the Price? Are the Styles Fit For Everyone?

If you were to compare TYPELUX’s prices with those of other false eyelash companies, you would see that TYPELUX’s prices are not only affordable, but you are getting the most extravagant lashes at a reasonable price! Why pay a prodigious amount of money for lashes only a third of the quality? Why shell out copious amounts of money for lashes that do not consist of high-grade, all organic materials? TYPELUX’s luxury lashes are a must-have!

And what about the fit?

TYPELUX’s lashes are designed to fit any facial structure and to compliment any look! Whatever your style may be, TYPELUX’s lashes will be a perfect match! TYPELUX has a vast variety of lashes that can fit any eye shape and be suitable for absolutely any occasion!

Why You, As The Customer, Should Trust a Company Like TYPELUX

“Trust is earned when actions meet words” -Chris Butler

How would you define trust? What are the factors that determine whether or not you will invest your time and money into a trustworthy company and purchase its products? A company has to prove its worth in order for an individual to purchase a product from it. Words alone are not convincing; the actions are what speak louder. TYPELUX takes action based upon customer satisfaction - what the customers are interested in. TYPELUX focusses on and values immensely the customers’ opinions, investing time and money on extensive research to see what specifically the customers want and what works best for everyone! TYPELUX puts its trust and support in its customers, continuously growing, changing, and producing only the best for those who seek gorgeous lashes! Therefore, why not put your trust and support in TYPELUX by purchasing lashes suited to compliment anyone of any age who has a dream of feeling absolutely beautiful expressing who he or she is!