The creators of the world's most luxurious and seductive lashes!

Founded in 2018, by Malika, TYPELUX's ambition is to create the most luxurious and sedutive lashes in the world that would fit any eye shape and any occasion. TYPELUX aims to be an industry leader in false eyelashes by producing innovative and trend worthy products for its customers across the globe. 

TYPELUX products are hand-crafted using 100% sterilized premium natural and organic materials, as well as cruelty-free synthetic fibers. TYPELUX is proud to say that they not only produce the best products with high-quality standards, but the brand is growing into an icon like no other in the industry.

TYPELUX builds on the tradition of providing 100% customer satisfaction and support for all its products. We continue to research, and bring to our customers, looks that will make all of our customers feel beautiful, inside and out. 

Meet the founder of TYPELUX

Meet our founder, Malika! She is the visionary behind the world’s most luxurious and seductive lashes! After many years of utilizing lashes to complete her looks, or even her clients, she realized that the workmanship and quality were inferior to what the standards and expectations should be. As a result, she had a vision and took action upon it, creating the best lashes the industry has ever seen. 

She continues each day, with the help of the mastermind developer, Michael, to produce new lashes to serve different purposes, but all with the same goal in mind: creating the world’s most luxurious and seductive lashes.⁣⁣

With many years of experience in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist and consultant, Malika through her own brand, TYPELUX, takes action upon the vision of offering the very best quality products and the latest fashion to her clients.