TYPELUX False Eyelashes Applicator

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What it is:
This is a convenient tool that helps you apply false lashes with ease and a very high precision!  

What it does:
Apply any of your favorite TYPELUX lashes in a snap with this innovative and amazing tool. This tool is perfect for anyone, regardless of experience. Whether you are a beginner applying your very first lash or you are a seasoned veteran in the field of cosmetics, this tool is the ideal tool for you! Its smooth design is made so that way it is comfortable in your hands at all times

What are they made from:
Applicators are stainless steel, and finished with a gorgeous rose-gold color.

What else you need to know:
These products are not tested on animals.

General Preparation
Trim each of the eyelash strips according to the size of your eyes.  (You may want to use an older pair as a guide to avoid over trimming).  You may consider measuring the strip against your actual eyelid and then cut away from your eyes.  
Prepare your look, curl your natural lashes and if you are applying mascara do so before applying your false lashes.  Apply your lash glue carefully (so that you don't have globs or uneven distribution).  You need about 20-30 seconds after you apply the glue for the lashes to be ready for application.  During the 20 seconds you may consider bending the strip to make the ends kiss, this helps to better distribute the glue.  
Once you’re ready to apply your false lashes, carefully place the lash onto your lash line close enough so that it's right on top but not tangle up in your lashes. Generally, if you place a mirror under your face nearly to a perpendicular angle and look down, your eyelid will extend, almost as if you are closing your eyes, this can help you see the exact placement. 
Now that you managed to place the lashes on, here's an important step to help perfect your look.  Take your liquid liner or gel liner with its angled brush and draw a line extending the band from where it begins to the inner corner of your eyes.  You may also flick out the end if you want to achieve a winged effect, this is just another trick to help blend the line of the band to your lash line. 
Apply lashes, gently.
Repeat steps for the other eye and you are glamorous and ready to go!
There are different techniques that makeup artists use for removing false lashes. Carefully removing lashes can help avoid damaging them and prolong their future use.  
Here is one common approach for your consideration. Use a gentle eye makeup remover to wipe away any mascara or eyeliner. This makes it easier for you to see where your real lash ends and the extension begins.  After a gentle pull the false lashes should easily come off.  Sometimes a simple wet cotton ball with a lubricant such as olive oil can also work. 
As a reminder do not pull on the lashes directly to remove, always use the band.
Repeat for the other eye.
Store your lashes in the storage box they arrived in to keep them clean, dry and protected from getting harmed. To easily store or travel with multiple pairs, check out our lash storage cases which carefully stores up to 3 pairs of lashes.
If your lashes have buildup on them, DO NOT GET THEM WET, this will ruin them. To clean off any buildup gently brush your lashes with a clean mascara brush. You may also carefully remove or peel off leftover glue on the band of the lash with tweezers. Please NEVER get your lashes wet. 

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